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Creating Career Success is a complete career book and program to help you take control of your career. We are excited to help you use the strategies, insights, and resources in the book to discover the career that is right for you, make decisions, and develop a flexible plan for your future.

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“This text addresses the current need for students to take responsibility, be flexible and adaptable, and be engaged in every step of their career.”

– James Rubin, Paradise Valley Community College

“I LOVE the details that you have written in the cover letters and resumes. I really like the idea that you included several examples that would cover the wide range of students (ages 16-61) that I have in my classes. In the past, I have always shown them an example of my CV so they would know what one looks like. You have provided that in the text. This is an excellent, well done chapter. BRAVO!”

– Victoria Basnett, St. Johns River State College

“I like the career profiles with the question and answer format. What really makes this stand-out is the feedback that is included from the employers.”

– Victoria Basnett, St. Johns River State College

“These real world snapshots of employee and employer are indispensable. Outstanding!”

– Doris Haugen, Judson University

“My favorite feature is the Journaling Exercise. It teaches students how to creatively write and view their lives and allows them to think outside the box which often leads to new career discoveries! In my experience, students often keep journals even when they are done with the class. Some have obtained jobs through journaling.”

– Pam Zuckerman, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

“Students have heard much on globalization but for many, it is just another word. What is contained in the chapters I read reveals applicable information that discusses pertinent issues of diversity and its place in the larger world of work.”

– Jeanne Kempiak, College of DuPage

“Wow, this is everything we want in a text and more!… I think the areas on self-assessment are really great because this shows students they need to get to know themselves before knowing how to proceed professionally.”

– Kara Becker, LIM College