Building your team’s coaching skills can give you an edge in today’s competitive, fast-moving economy. My work supports businesses and not-for-profits through two types of initiatives: skill-building programs that help team members lead more effectively and career programs that serve employees, clients, or students.

Coaching for today’s economy also requires us to be mindful that we’re entering a new era in which AI will be our partner at work. Together, we can develop a plan to help your team learn through this transformation to take advantage of productivity gains and support individual growth. My research and writing examines this inflection point and how leaders learn through complexity.

To address your career support needs, we can explore how I can help through staff training, innovative career programming, and tailored resources for your employees, clients, or students. My programs have served such groups as CEOs, managers, social workers, counselors, coaches, educators, unemployed and underemployed adults, veterans, recent grads, current students, and those seeking support throughout the lifespan, including career launch, work-life conflict, career re-entry, and retirement.